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6 Things to do Today to Prepare for a Hurricane Tomorrow

The heart of hurricane season is officially upon us. This six-month period, primarily in August and September, puts the Atlantic seaboard – and much of the East coast – directly in nature’s cross-hairs. The question isn’t whether or not storms will form. It’s will your business be ready should one strike?

Start buying in bulk now. Ideal items to stock up on include water, rope, plastic sheathing, and any other personal protective equipment you may need.

  1. Perform a sweep of your property’s exterior. If anything looks like it needs to be fixed (shingles, roofing, etc.), get it resolved ASAP.

  2. Trim tree limbs that are near or touching the building.

  3. Find out if your business is in an evacuation zone and what to do if you are.

  4. Consider purchasing a portable generator if you haven’t already.

  5. Go over any emergency preparedness plans to ensure they are up to date and understood by the entire team:

· Do you have an emergency contact list, including key vendors and local authorities?

· Do you have an up-to-date list of all building staff including their full name, phone numbers and assigned calling sequence?

· Have you established communication protocols during an emergency?

· Have you confirmed evacuation procedures and planned to account for staff after an evacuation?

Assess Your Business Risk - Give us a call 727.8975450

Assume the worst when it comes to hurricane weather. Focus rather on assessing how prepared your business is to cope if worse comes to worst.....

When a hurricane causes chaos, we can help you restore normalcy. Our Priority Disaster Response Program is tailored to fit the core priorities of your business. It ensures your business will receive a timely and efficient response after the storm has passed.

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